Five Songs, 10/10/2017

Fun batch of stuff today.

NoFX, "Louise"

Have we had a lot of NoFX lately? Feels like we have, even if the "previously"s tell me that we haven't. Well, anyway, here's some more.

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Radiohead, "Backdrifts"

Well, there's always NoFX's opposite, Radiohead. I never got along that well with Hail To The Thief, although I suspect that's at least partially because I haven't really given it the sustained attention it probably needs. Anyway, I'm enjoying this song.


Murs, "The Worst"

I started listening to Murs via his work with Atmosphere in Felt. As a result, I'm mostly familiar with his later work, which I like. This comes from Have A Nice Life, which I thought was his most recent record, but it looks like he's got one after that.

Guided By Voices, "Little Whirl"

A perfect encapsulation of the haphazard genius of Robert Pollard: a great little pop tune, which sounds like it was recorded in a barn through a burlap sack.

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Deathspell Omega, "Epiklesis II"

French underground metal virtuosos Deathspell Omega are back with a fascinating track. I don't ever really have the vocabulary to describe what's going on with this song, really. But it's totally awesome. This comes from Paracletus, which is probably their most...accessible?...record, and might be my favorite of the bunch.

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